Thursday, 22 July 2010

birthday treats..

I turned 40 a while back and received many lovely gifts and cards .Lots of books on my interests such as the sculpted house and an inconvenient truth.
Lovely Ruby enjoyed the party too!

Whats happening?

I have not been at our place for a while now..think it was in June?But friends we had who were staying were living in a way that was not really companionable with the plans for the Quinta so they have now left and their good work planting out veg was a bit of a waste. It was a valuable experience in terms of understanding the nature of sharing land with others,personalities involved etc.So my work is now over in the UK and I am back to on line work and some work in Coimbra....we have grown limited dismal veg in the UK while hearing of abundance in Portugal..
We should be back in a few weeks which is about time to!