Friday, 13 August 2010

Fire in Portugal

Although we are still in England(groan) I have been keeping an eye on things in Portugal.The heat has been building for a number of weeks and fires have broken out in the south and centre of the Country.So far a small number of people have died including 2  fire fighters plus up to 13 people arrested in connection with the fires....

When looking for a place to buy I was very aware of the danger of forest fires and wanted a place with water and good access.Although we are down in the valley ,down a track our access up to the village is ok.The building itself is positioned in the middle of terraces and when the land is cleared there is a good space between the buildings and the mimosa that edges the terraces.Frightening though....

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Rain clouds in the evening. Lisboa, PortugalImage via Wikipedia
rain and clouds are chasing us out of the UK for the last time!
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so it all starts again??

Its August 2010 now already.Got no work in the UK for September BUT have got a job in Coimbra in Portugal plus my on line work.Got a place to rent close to the quinta with enough space to spread out.Dogs are happy about it as is Dude the cat.Paul and I are also happy.Guess who is not?

been looking at some cool pictures of some cool houses..