Saturday, 20 August 2011

plans ,plans ,plans...

Thinking of how to create a sort of habitable space that would be ok for winter is what has been our biggest conversation lately.It makes sense to use the older (granite) building as the main shared space.A kitchen sitting room .Currently its not in too bad a shape.Walls need to be filled as there are a certain amount of holes but a mud or clay based filling would most likely do for this year.Roof is questionable.Tiles are reasonably old but sort of look ok unlike some of the supporting timbers.It would need stripping off and putting back on.With some sort of water proof breathable  membrane and insulation as a minimum.The floor is a sort o dirt floor and the building is on two levels inside.We would lower a middle section of the floor to allow for Pauls 6'ft2 height as this is where the roof comes down low giving only 5'ft2 height currently.Loathe as I am to use it ,concrete seems the quickest and cheapest (priority number 1) option for the floor.It would be nice to use slate from Benfeita area inlaid into the concrete also .We would need 2 new doors or 1 new door and a large window.And a decent stove.With these minimum requirements inside we could have a cosy sitting room cum kitchen with a night night sleep space for 2 people.Outside we would have to dig drainage around the building to keep out any flow of water from the rain.
We could use the top building as a workspace for me or Paul if we insulate ,put in a stove ,add a couple of windows and a door and some rugs.Or it could be used as a space for washing and storing stuff.
We can maybe borrow a 4m yurt from a friend and build a platform next to the house and erect it so that we would have another sleeping space.
We also have the job of updating and improving the loo.This means building something else located somewhere else on the quinta.Plus a shower space.
All of this would need to be completed by end of October really in order to get settled down for winter.With the aid of only 1 80w solar panel that on a good day in winter may throw out 5 hours power.
So then we start thinking again about a new caravan.Well ,new to us.But at least a 5 berth with decent electrics so again its a sleeping space with power for 2 people...??
So its what to do for the best?
Try to rent a cheap small place(not as easy as it sounds) with power just for winter and take things a bit slower with the building rather than really putting pressure on.Or buy a caravan?Or go for it?Money is very tight and  all options will cost something...will keep you posted.