Friday, 23 October 2009

positive thoughts

So we are still in the uk ,still trying to get finances organised.Its hard work being somewhere in body but all other parts are in a different country.My heart is now in Portugal.
I have so many plans for when we finally make the permanent move....just need a bit more cash.
Trying to develop an income stream from online work and this is a slow and laborious process but I shall persevere.Plus I have limited money making skills in regard to online stuff but loads of people do it so its possible..
The children are quite pleased to be here in the UK.Older daughter was pleading her case for us staying here for 5 MORE YEARS last night!Younger daughter says she is just not going.I am not sure how we can get them to view the whole experience more positively really ,bit baffled by it.And I have a lot of sympathy for them having moved around on a regular basis during my own childhood.They resist the idea of learning Portuguese as they say they are quite happy learning French and Spanish at school........


  1. ah michelle you should write a book, i am not joking, you have avery and have had a very interesting life, as regards the girls, good luck with getting them back to portugal, sounds like you will need it ,you could write about your travels from the beginning to the present and your newlife in portugal , i admire the fact you are getting to see your long held dream start to come to frutition

  2. thank you very much!