Sunday, 29 November 2009

a wet cold Sunday in Yorkshire.

Its mid day almost and we have our lights on...outside its cold ,dark and damp.Snow is forecast ,there was a little last night.Normal for this time of year in the Pennines which is part of the reason also for moving elsewhere.We spent last winter in Central Portugal and although it rained ,snowed and frosted we also had plenty of blue sky ......not here ,we shall be lucky to see a blue sky now before March!
The cat visited the vet and it appears he most likely got into trouble with a rat ,very expensive antibiotics mean he is now on the mend.Rubys leg is better which is great but she has now come down with some sort of skin infection which stinks..we are trying to treat it at home.
I think its the lack of air and the use of central heating that is causing all these problems with health in the family so the sooner we get to Portugal the better.

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