Wednesday, 3 February 2010

accommodation in the medium term....

so we will be renting for 3 months at casa simones in the village but then what?We have got a tiny 2 berth caravan

 and an 8 person tent .A tent is not ideal in terms of shelter from the hot summer sun..just too hot.If we had any spare cash ,which we don't, then it would be a Yurt.
One of our neighbours makes Yurts and they are lovely.You can see what they offer here also have holiday accommodation in a beautiful spot by the river.Yurts just have a lovely feel about them and of course I have always loved circular spaces .
Another circular house idea I like is similar to what you can see here... like the idea of having a building workshop on the quinta in the future and getting me a little(ish) round house where I can work from or somewhere to  accommodate wwoofers when we get the basic infrastructure in place (solar shower,compost toilets ,cooking area,maybe a power source?) .But the question is where do we live between April and October while we prepare the building for winter?It has to be another caravan or 2 I think.So I have put out ads to try and find us a very cheap one.Loads to be had in the UK via ebay but would prefer not to have to tow one from Yorkshire so I am keeping everything crossed that someone near by has one they want to dispose of!Will keep you posted...

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