Saturday, 22 January 2011


Well we are selling up!We have decided that the quinta is no longer for us as we bought it thinking the whole family would be living there and we had lots of exciting plans for development.Now however the children are settled in school in the UK with exams looming and it looks like we will be here for the next 5 years.So we have decided that we need something smaller that will be more manageable from the distance of Yorkshire.We have found the next new place so now we need a buyer......anyone interested in this lovely place??Contact me on


  1. Hi there ,
    We are really sorry to here you wont be coming out here full time. where will your new place be ??

    steve & ness

  2. Still in Portugal but more in the mountains.Thats only of course if we get a buyer and there has been interest so fingers crossed.But I will be sad to sell as I just love the building in the landscape...

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  4. Hi Michelle, I've followed a link from Frasers blog to yours and noted you've found somewhere 'more in the mountains' - I have a quinta outside Seia in the Natural Park, not far from Loriga, just wondering if you're moving my way, the more contacts the better? I'm also based in the UK trying to juggle wage earning and doing up an old barn and manage 1.3 hectares but love the challenge.
    All the best, Anna