Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I am back in Portugal on the 19th June and I will be Quinta sitting for a friend for about 3 weeks before moving onto our land for the foreseeable future....long term plans are not yet organised ......
A decent loo and shower will be required.
We have the most basic of composting toilets in place and also the ability to have hot showers using a shower camping bag...basically a strong black bag,filled with water and hose attached.warmed by the sun...
The loo is the more important facility to improve first as the shower bag just gets on with the job once filled ,heated and hung from a strong tree branch.
Currently our toilet is a hole in the ground.I want the loo to be a place of beauty!And googling can give me so many ideas as can the loos created by friends here in Portugal...

How do they work?
Do they smell?

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